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01 Analyse

Guardway comes as an off-the-shelf solution or as a custom-made component for your specific technology. Since every situation is different and requirements vary over industries, we start with an audit to get a better idea of your specific needs. We map your locations, devices and workflows. We also discuss the metrics you want to visualize on your personal dashboard.

Set up & prepare

02 Set up & prepare

We use all this information to configure your dashboard and load the modules you require. If necessary, we create new modules. We reskin the dashboard to fit your preferences and we integrate the software solutions you already use. From here on, every new Guardway you order will be pre-configured with your personal settings.

Configure notifications

03 Configure notifications

When the preparation is finished, we send you an email with a login and password for your personal dashboard. You can now start using Guardway by inviting team members and assigning roles. You can also create notification flows and set up alarms for different types of issues, by defining parameters such as priority of the issue, customer profile, the level of expertise of the engineer, the time of day, location of the device.

Monitor performance

04 Monitor performance

Your personal dashboard gives you an integrated overview of the metrics you desire. By zooming in to a specific customer, location or device, you can easily get access to an extensive event log and control every device at any location from any customer.

Detect and assign issues

05 Detect and assign issues

When your notification flows are set up appropriately, every important issue will be communicated to the right person. In any case new issues will appear on your dashboard. When an intervention is needed, you can assign the issue to a remote engineer or a field technician with a single click.

Resolve & communicate

06 Resolve & communicate

If an intervention is needed, your first actions can always be taken remotely. When a remote fix is not possible, you can dispatch a field engineer. Guardway works as a communication channel where your team members can consult each other, attach reports and upload images. And Guardway also takes care of the communication to your clients by sending automated emails so your team can focus on their job.

Detect and assign issues

07 Maintain & prevent

Once you gathered enough data, Guardway helps you predict possible issues and events by correlating different data streams. This way you can make the shift from curative to preventive maintenance and transform your service activities into the flexible, efficient and data-driven process you always aimed for.


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